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Toronto Timber Timber Wholesale  have a large range of Decking options and Decking Supplies to suit all your decking requirements.

Australian Hardwood Decking is highly durable, most species have a high bush-fire rating and is available in a range of species and sizes.

Decking Sizing & Profiles

Decking boards come in a number of different sizes and profiles.

Standard sizes are:

* 86 x 19mm

* 135 x 19mm

* 140 x 22mm

Spotted Gum
Northern Box

Timber Decking Grades

  • Select – This grade is very clean and minimalist in appearance with just a few natural features giving a more uniform, modern look to the deck.
  • Standard Grade – This grade contains a small number of features such as gum veins, knots, burls, insect trails and borer holes which highlight the natural beauty of the timber in a moderate way.
  • Feature Grade – This grade contains the most natural features of the timber according to the species selected.  This gives it a ‘busier’ look, more suited to traditional homes or those where rustic charm is desired.

Composite Products

Toronto Timber Wholesale supplies and sells composite products for a massive range of applications. Our products are non-conductive, lightweight and non-corrosive.

Decking Supplies

We sell a number of additional decking supplies that can help to make the installation of your new deck quicker and easier with the professional finish you are looking for.

Toronto Timber supplies a range of Anchormark decking screws. AnchorMark provides high quality fixing solutions to the building, construction and metal industry at competitive prices.


Cutek works differently to most other leading wood coatings. Unlike traditional wood finishes, Cutek oil has been uniquely developed to diffuse very deeply into the timber. Wood soaks up Cutek just like a sponge – providing moisture protection and long term dimensional stability from the inside out.

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