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Toronto Timber Wholesale supplies and sells composite products for a massive range of applications. Our products are non-conductive, lightweight and non-corrosive.

Composite Product Industries and Applications

We supply to the following industries

  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Quarries
  • Power Stations
  • Coal Loaders

Toronto Timber supplies the latest composites technology in supplying fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) solutions and anti-slip material.

With our suppliers, we are committed to providing true value to our clients through effective implementation of our comprehensive and diverse range of FRP composite products and systems. With constant innovation and evolution of our offerings in FRP grating, FRP handrails and more, we grow in competence with each experience in delivering unparalleled FRP solutions to a diversified index of industries which includes the mining, public infrastructure, marine, oil and gas, general industry and the food and beverage sectors.

The progression of our composites products made from this exceptional anti-slip material has been focused on ensuring extended design life in varied applications, enabling us to support our continuing commitment to satisfy and add value to our client’s endeavours.

The safe access and egress of personnel in elevated, corrosive and confined areas are some of the biggest challenges faced today. We recognised the valuable properties of FRP products to lead the inception and development of anti-slip FRP grating, FRP ladders, FRP handrails and more.

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