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Toronto Timber Wholesale supplies and sells composite products for a massive range of applications. Our products are sleek, modern and are simply to install.

Composite Product Features & Benefits

Designed for the future, PermaTimber® looks and feels just like a natural timber without any of the associated maintenance. Each product range comes with the fantastic benefits of sleek and modern design, durability and longevity as well as simple installation. 

Designed for the future, PermaTimber® composites looks and feels just like a natural timber product, however offers many advantages over natural timber including a wider range of colours, profiles and textures, weather and wear resistance and no ongoing maintenance.

Produced using 87% recycled materials, PermaTimber® does not require sealing or staining, is lightweight and easy to install, UV stable, termite resistant and of course will not warp, twist or rot.

PermaTimber® is the high performance, eco-friendly composite timber solution.

Very simple to install and provides any home or commercial space with a contemporary look that will look fantastic for years, Perma Composites® takes a holistic approach to the construction cycle, helping you conceptualise, design, plan, cost and engineer your project, at every step of the way. Our in-house design and engineering team will help you find a custom solution that is lighter, stronger, longer lasting and easier to install – saving you time and money.

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